Best Way to Order from Target For International Shoppers


Does Target Ship Internationally?

Yes, but they only ship to Canada and Mexico.

Until 2017, they had accepted orders from over the world. But they changed their shipping rules recently.

Target Doesn’t

  • Ship to the outside US except for Canada and Mexico
  • Ship to freight forwarder’s address in US

So they don’t send the items to Japan, Singapore, Israel, UK
for more details, check this page.

Even if you have completed the order and received their confirmation email, they will cancel your order soon.

It seems impossible for most international shoppers to order from Target.

But Wait!

There is a way.

What to Do for International Order?

This way might have a great benefit even for Canadian and Mexican.

Because Target

  • Doesn’t ship to Canada and Mexico for free even if you are a REDcard holder
  • Uses an expensive and notorious forwarder service, Borderfree, for international shipping
  • Ask to pay US sales tax when you use Borderfree


What is Borderfree?

Borderfree is well known for international shoppers. They make international shopping more convenient service for international shoppers. You can order from Target and directly ship to your house. However, service is not enough. See reviews here.

To avoid any problem with Borderfree, let’s check the following steps.

Get Special address from freight forwarders

The following companies can provide special address and personal shopping service for you.


if you cannot pay by your international credit card…

  • Buy Target Gift Card
  • Use Personal Shopper Service:This can help purchase products instead of you.